The weather forecast shows significantly lower temperatures for the Silvretta region than last week's forecast. The forecast now includes sub-zero nighttime temperatures and daytime snowfall. Winter is coming…


Today it is still warm in Galtur, Austria, as it has been for the past week. That ends abruptly before the day is over. Temperatures drop and soon precipitation is the norm, starting out as rain going over into snow.

Gear changes

I've made some clothing changes to better suit the colder and wetter outlook.

  • Replaced my down jacket with a fleece. The down takes much longer to dry when it gets wet.
  • Switched a pair of lightweight rain pants out for a sturdier pair in anticipation of more hours wearing rain gear.
  • Added a fleece hat for extra warmth.
  • Included a light thin pair of running gloves for I expect to be wanting to wear some most off the time.
  • Exchanged sleeping bag for a silk liner to keep weight down.

Bart's Silvretta Gear List reflects these changes. Base weight is still between 23-24lbs (~10.5kg). With water and food that should be around 33lbs (~15kg).

Photo by Eberhard Grossgasteiger / Unsplash