Bart's Silvretta Gear List

Gear list for Bart's late summer alpine mountaineering trip to the Silvretta on the Swiss/Austrian border.

Bart's Silvretta Gear List

I'm limited to 23kg (50lbs) this trip as I'll be flying from SFO to ZUR with American Airlines.

As we're staying in mountain huts there is no need to bring camping gear (i.e. tent, stove, pots, sleeping bag, mattress, etc).

This being an alpine mountaineering trip, I will need to bring climbing gear, most notably crampons, ice axe, carabiners, nuts & friends. All personal gear.

Marijn who is driving from The Netherlands to Zurich will be bringing group gear such our 60m climbing rope as well as lunch food for the week. In return[1], I'm bringing him a sleeping bag and puffy jacket. Plus a jacket for Siemen[2].

To keep the weight of my checked gear to a minimum I'll be wearing my —heavy & bulky, climbing boots and some of my Marijn and Siemen's clothes.

  1. Not really, I would have brought it anyway. ↩︎

  2. Not sure why I'm bringing this along. Oh, right... Siemen asked me to. ↩︎