🤠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #44

🐒 The Google campus has Halloween decoration everywhere. 🔍 And still, thousands of Googlers like me hold a Google walkout for better equality. 🐦 At home, a baby duck is born. 🏗 I finish the bird guards for the shed's roof.

🤠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #44
29 Oct 04 Nov

🐒 Halloween

Halloween is near and overnight the campus has spooky decorations everywhere. Take these carved and painted pumpkins outside my building for example.

Pumpkins at Google
Pumpkins at Google.

🔍 Google Walkout

I walked out with thousands of my coworkers in protest. We protested the lavish payouts to former executives who left Google after accusations of sexual harassment.  Our aim is to end sexual harassment and forced arbitration. We're asking for a clear, uniform, globally inclusive process for reporting sexual misconduct. Our work environment should be free of harassment and offer equal opportunities to all for equal pay.

Worldwide 20 thousand Googlers walked out. Roughly 20% of Google's work force. If that doesn't get the executives' attention!

🐦 Duckling

One of our Silkie chickens had a baby duck. The duckling is not her own offspring of course. She is the daughter of the adult ducks we lost in week #42, born an orphan. I wonder if she identifies as a chicken.

🏗 Bird guards done

The bird guards are in place. I had to make them myself as this kind is no longer for sale. To get the shape, I traced the tile's curves. Which I then cut from some scrap wood into a jig. With the jig I could repeat the shape on a 8 foot long 1x4.

Bird gauard is done
The bird guards are in place. They keep birds from nesting under the tiles. And lift the bottom row to the same angle as the other rows.

The bird guards also lift the bottom tiles to the same angle as the other rows. The roof no longer "droops". Small clearings in the bird guards' bottom allow water to run out should the roof ever leak.

Finishing the gables is up next.