🀠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #3

A 3 day weekend in which we inspected our beehives and a work week in which the Google shuttle came under fire. Plus Strava made me a movie and Adam Ondra has workout for me.

🀠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #3

🚜 On the Farm

On Martin Luther King day we donned our 🐝 suits and grabbed a smoker to inspect our 4 beehives.


Last time we checked on them was a few weeks after Joep, José and I harvested 🍯 in the summer. We were very curious how our colonies fared after the first winter rain. Especially the back 2 hives were of concern as those didn't have decent roofs. They came from a much drier climate where they didn't need a waterproof roof. Time to upgrade them to our homemade tin roofs.

New Beehive Roofs

The 2 colonies in our hives (with roofs) are doing great! Lots of honey, workers, and drones. The queens continue to lay in a tight pattern.

The back left colony is doing well too. But… it suffered a little from the rain. A few of the unused combs in the hive had started to mold. We took those out and harvested the beeswax they are made with. They weren't the cleanest combs and yielded mainly slumgum.

The back right colony is the weakest of the 4 colonies. Frankly, I'm surprised they survived this long. They have been struggling from the start. They ate the honey from the full bar we donated from another hive in the summer, but that didn't make them thrive. At this point, the colony is down to 3 or 4 bars. Their hive had signs of wax moth to boot. As well as some mold (due to the lack of a proper roof). It was time to retire the hive and move this small colony into the "nuc" where they can be safe from rain and moths.

πŸ… 2017 according to Strava

Strava made a nice movie from all the activities I logged in 2017. It recaps My Year in Sport quite well. No surprise December was my biggest month! I was pushing to make my 1,000 mile goal.

The longest day was my hike through Desolation Wilderness with my brother Joep.[1] And you won't believe what my most active hour of the day is! 😜

πŸ”« Tech Shuttles under Fire

The Google shuttle between Santa Cruz and Mountain View β€”which I ride to/from work, appears to have been shot at on Tue while driving down HWY 85. I didn't witness the incident first hand as I rode an earlier run.

Damaged bus window

Our bus wasn't the only bus that came under fire. Some Apple buses were also hit that evening while driving on HWY 280.

πŸ§—β€β™‚οΈ I'm no Adam Ondra

I'm certainly not in the same league as Adam Ondra, but his training exercise to maximize climbing endurance looks great. I'll be making it part of my workouts. Run from my office to the squirrel cave, climb until I drop and run back to grab a shower and start working.

  1. An awesome point to point hike that warrants its own blog post. Soon… β†©οΈŽ