Something strange happened Wednesday evening as I drove the last miles home on our road. I felt a fever coming on.

Thus far the day had been fine. I ran my 10k, worked, completed the last training session of the Earthquake Response Group at Google without any signs of trouble. An irritation cough from the airco during the training maybe.

Shortly after I walked into the door I was in bed bathed in sweat. I had a 39Β°C (102Β°F) fever! How sudden!

Didn't think much of it as I've had the "24-hour flu" before. Normally I break the fever at night and feel better in the morning. Alas, not this time.

Thursday morning I still had the fever and ached all over. I could do little more than lay in bed. Doze, or sleep if I was lucky. Had just enough energy to review some code changes that need to go out by EOD. Worse, my temperature reached a new high: 39.5Β°C (103Β°F). To boot the fever didn't break on Thursday night either.

So much for a "24-hour flu"! Now I had only one day left to get rid of the fever or I would have to fly with a fever.

Discussed with Siemen what to do. Not go? Go and see how I felt upon landing? We could start out a day later. That would buy me some time to get well. Plus, based on the weather forecast we have already decided to do our loop in the opposite direction. By going clockwise we had 2 "hiking" days when the forecast was for precipitation. That would also work to my advantage as I wouldn't have to immediately be on my A-game.

Feed a fever, starve a cold

Slowly but surely I finished my packing while Tatyana put Casper to bed. Then took a hot bath in an attempt to "Feed a fever, starve a cold".

The bath (and bundling up while I was packing) did the trick. My fever finally broke.[1] Cutting it rather close with only 6 hours left until I had to go to the airport.

Those hours I slept in a clean bed (πŸ™ Honey) without sweating. Another good sign.

My body still hurts and I haven't eaten much for 2 days safe some ice cream and miso soup. So I'm a little weak, but nothing some food can't fix. Of course, the first leg of my flight is a domestic flight which means they don't give you πŸ’© for food on board. I'll have wait until I'm in JFK to eat something substantial. 😞

Not a bad position to be in considering…

  1. As far as I can tell for the thermometer broke too. Couldn't get a remotely realistic reading anymore. I felt fever free anyway. β†©οΈŽ