I came across a beautiful hawk. Heidi and the cousins came over for Thanksgiving. I continued to organize the workshop. Casper has a bed in the shed.

19 Nov 25 Nov

πŸ¦… Morning Run Hawk

I came across a hawk eating a fresh kill on one of my morning runs this week. The hawk stood steps away from the path I ran on and was unperturbed.

This hawk leisurely ate its catch, steps from the path I ran by on.

Even the vultures surrounding her didn’t seem to bother her. Those vultures must have a healthy respect for her for they kept their distance.

This hawk couldn't care less who saw her eat. Not me, nor the —wait for it— vultures waiting for scraps.

πŸ¦ƒ Thanksgiving

Heidi, Raven and Forrest came over for Thanksgiving. We ate well and enjoyed their company. Raven, Heidi and Tatyanna made lovely wreaths from dried flowers. Casper and Forrest roamed our land or played video games. We all watched movies at night.

πŸ›  Workshop Organizing

I organized the workshop some more. All my clamps are together now and within easy reach from the workbench. This is such an improvement! I’m slowly chipping away at improving the workshop. If only I had more time...

I organized my clamps.

πŸ› Shed Bed

Casper expressed a desire to sleep in the shed. He enjoyed sleeping in a tent this summer until we returned it to Costco. The shed is another chance for Casper to have his β€œown” place again. For as long as the shed is warm enough, that is. And so we set the β€œguest” bed from his tent up in the shed for him.

Casper's Shed Bed.

With two duvets and a Honey for extra warmth and company, Casper loved his new accommodations.