šŸ¤  Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #30

šŸšœ Making lots of progress on the farm. šŸ˜± The Google Play Living Room team escaped from Sorcerer's Sanctum.

šŸ¤  Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #30

šŸšœ On the Farm

It has been a big week on the farm. Finished up the fire hydrant pad after the concrete had cured. The pad looks great after removing the frame. Still need to paint the hydrant red to be code compliant.

Finished fire hydrant pad
Finished fire hydrant pad.

Though I haven't mentioned it earlier, in the past few months I've split all the rounds of the cypress Tatyanna had cut. First with the wood splitter we borrowed from neighbors. Then by hand after the splitter's engine didn't want to start anymore.

Tatyanna's garden helper had moved the wood to the front yard where it sat, waiting to be stacked. It looks so much better now that it is stacked with the rest of our firewood.

Stacked wood
This should last us a while.

With the concrete pillars fully cured, I could lay the floor of the shed. The floor is screwed onto the 4x4 beams, which rest on shingle cutoffs on top of the posts. The shingles prevent wood to concrete contact. This helps prevent rot from moisture wicked up by the concrete.

We placed plastic landscape fabric on the ground underneath the floor to stop gophers from pushing up dirt. I wouldn't put is past gophers to otherwise push soil up to the floor.

Shed floor
Shed floor done.

With the floor complete, it was on to building the four walls. The new cordless framing nailer came in really handy. Such a time saver!

Walls complete
The assembled shed walls.

We had a family barn raising in which we placed the walls and nailed them together.

The walls are up
The shed walls are up!

With the walls in place, it was time to build the rafters. A quick jig ensured that all six rafters were created equally.

Assembling the rafters
Assembling the rafters.

The rafters in place with gussets reinforcing each rafter.

The rafters are up
The rafters are up.

Time to call it a day.

Looking like a shed
It is starting to look like a shed.

Next morning, I installed the front and back gables. Plus the workbench and shelf in the back of the shed.

Shelf and workbench complete
The shelf and workbench are complete.
Gables are up
The gables are up.

Honey came to check out my progress. I was too busy building the front wall overhang and putting on the roof panels to take pictures. But by the end of the day I had the roof panels on. Despite a fall from the roof. Ouch!

I'd stepped on the soffit while positioning the first 4'x8' sheet onto the roof. I thought I was stepping on the shed's loft. The top of the soffit has the same unfinished OSB finish as the loft. An easy mistake to make. Luckily I only scratched my leg on the concrete base of the gate opener. Could have been (much) worse.

The roof panels are up
The roof panels are on.

šŸ˜± Escape room outing

Went with my Google team to an escape room. We had an hour to escape from the Sorcerer's Sanctum. A game with a 20% escape rate. It came down to the wire but we escaped without any hints.

Escaped Sorcerer's Sanctum
We escaped the Sorcerer's Sanctum. Rafael Hernandez, Brian Lam, Luke Nihlen, Aaron Grossman, Brian Lin, Anindya Dutta, myself, Yingxue Li & Rui Li

The riddles were a lot of fun too. Lots and lots of pattern recognition šŸ˜‰.