šŸ¤  Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #27

ā›° The grandkids enjoy themselves in Montana ā›± We repaired the gazebo canopy. šŸšœ Our first hatchling.

šŸ¤  Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #27

ā›° Grandkids in Montana

The grandkids did enjoy themselves in Montana. The boys drove the go kart a lot. They even managed to flip the kart. Luckily no one got hurt.

Casper & Forrest in the go kart.

After a few rainy days, the weather improved and they could continue their outdoors program of horseback riding, boating and rafting.

Forrest at home in Montana.

ā›± Canopy Repair

Last fall, the gazebo in front of the house sustained some wind damage. One of the rafters had a loose bolt. The wind lifted the canopy up at the loose side and snapped the rafter. The wind also ripped several of the canopy pockets that hold the canopy in place at the rafters.

I'd already welded the rafter back together, but the canopy still needed some serious attention. We decided to sew each pocket back onto a reinforced corners. While only several of the corners had rips, all corners could use some reinforcement as the canopy has gotten very fragile in the Californian sun ā˜€.

Sewing the gazebo canopy
Reattaching the canopy pockets.
Sewing on a pocket to the canopy
Reinforcing each pocket, as the fabric has gotten fragile.
Putting the canopy on the gazebo
Putting the repaired canopy back onto the gazebo.
Canopy on the gazebo
The repaired canopy back on the gazebo.

The canopy already ripped a little while putting canopy is back on. I'll be happy when the canopy lasts us another year. Then it will have been worth the effort.

Shortly after putting the canopy back up, I found a replacement canopy online. Which we've ordered so that we're set for the years to come.

šŸšœ On the Farm

We've had three brooding chickens for the last few weeks. This week the first egg hatched.

New chick
Our first hatchling!