🀠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #26

🌲 Week 2 of Camp Cruz. β›° The grandkids visit the grandparents in Montana. 🚜 No farm stand this week. ⚜ Casper officially joined Scouting.

🀠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #26

🌲 Camp Cruz

Week 2 of Camp Cruz is as much fun as the first week. Let's hope Casper creates a new lasting friendship at camp.

β›° Grandkids visit Grandparents in Montana

On Friday, Casper flew with Forrest and Raven under (grandpa) Ron's supervision to their grandparents in Montana for a week and a half.

Allegiant Air is the only airline with direct flights from the Bay Area to Kallispell. Not only faster but also cheaper. The downsides though are that minors need an adult chaperone and there are only 2 flights/week. Thus Ron flew in on Wednesday, stayed with Heidi for a couple of days before flying back with the grandkids.

They made it smoothly to grandma who reported the following:

They were starving by the time we got home (around 4 or so), a good thing I had already made a chuck roast and had burrito fixings ready. Β 
Ron and the boys went up to the tractor implement shed to get the go cart (what else?) and they saw a tiny baby fawn and mommy crossing Β the road to the cabin. Β Too bad Bird and I didn't see it. Β But I'm hoping we'll see some while they are here (providing the go cart doesn't scare them all to death!)
Tomorrow we head out to Hungry Horse Reservoir - hope it doesn't rain. Β By the end of the week it's supposed to be nice - in the 70s - but today and yesterday rain.

🚜 On the Farm

No farm stand this week. Our salesman is not available to help customers. 😜

⚜ Casper Joined Scouting

Casper officially joined Scouting Troop #633. He can now attend Camp Chawanakee when he returns from Montana.