🀠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #14

πŸ”Œ Practicing MIG welding. 🚜 Relocated our bees into our new hives πŸ₯š Easter weekend with family & friends πŸ”« Tragic shooting at Youtube πŸ§—Climbing at Google

🀠 Rodeo Roundup 2018 Week #14

πŸ”Œ Welding Class #9

Practiced MIG welding thin 18 gauge steel. While I'm no longer burning through the metal as much, I'm still having a hard time. A few "tricks" helped though.

  • Marking the seam to be welded with soapstone makes it easier to see where to go as the white soapstone provides some contrast.
  • Lowering the voltage and wire speed give me more time to work the metal and reduce the risk of burn through.
  • Don't look at the glowing wire tip but look around it to not get blinded by the brightness of the tip.

While I did better than before, I plateaued half way through which was frustrating.

🚜 On the Farm

Replaced Les's hive with one of the new observation hives. We looked for the marked queen but couldn't find her. All this disturbance of their hive annoyed the bees and I got stung twice on my left hand. (Through the glove.)

Bees getting used to their new beehive

Also moved the bees from the "nuc" into a full sized hive. Here's to hoping this colony will flourish this year. Last year the struggled to survive.

Bees finding their way to the new entrance

πŸ₯š Easter

Heidi, Raven & Forrest came to visit us on Saturday. Forrest & Casper hung out together like best buddies. Raven helped us with the bees. We finished the day with homemade pot stickers from scratch and pineapple pork. Both came out great. We will be making pot stickers again!

A day later, we joined Kadin's family for an Easter breakfast and an egg hunt for the kids. Lovely as always.

Afterward, Marika (Kadin's mom) and I hung a tire from an oak to make a tire swing. Which the boys enjoyed.

Casper, Kadin & Tenzin on the new tire swing

πŸ”« Youtube Shooting

Tuesday around lunchtime, a shooter injured 3 people at Youtube before killing herself.

Standing with Youtube

This struck close to home for me. Several of my friends work at Youtube. Such as my friends Todd and Josh whom I worked with at Twitter.

It appears that the shooter came to Youtube angry because changes to revenue sharing impacted her financially.

πŸ§— Climbing at Google

I've added climbing at Google's climbing wall part of my weekly workout schedule.

Google climbing wall with auto-belay rigs

Thanks to the wall's 2 auto-belay ropes, I can go climbing any time.