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2018-08-22 Mowich Lake Mowich Lake 22.1 0

After sleeping on it, Casper decided not to continue the hike. His heart wasn't in it. It is too hard for him. I support his decision, even though I'm sad we're not going on.

I really want him to develop an appreciation for the outdoors. Beyond campfires, marshmallows, sleeping in a tent, etc. As a kid, Casper gets energy from picking berries on the trail, whereas we (the adults) are nourished by the landscape, the vistas, the fresh air and the exercise itself. All things Casper hardly notices or merely tolerates.

I'm pretty sure that in time Casper's love for the outdoors will grow to include the hiking part of backpacking. Β That is how it has been for me and my brothers. Or Tatyanna for that matter. So why risk making Casper averse to backpacking by forcing him to continue.

πŸš™ Scoring a ride back to Sunrise

Now that we've decided to abandon the rest of the hike, we turn our attention to scoring a ride from other campers at the Mowich Lake Campground. Our neighbors who are crewing for an ultra runner are our first stop.

I make contact and explain our situation. Β And within 5 minutes we have a 2.5 hour ride back to our car. What a relief!

The ride is enjoyable. We talk about our lives and plans for the future. I'm always amazed by the instant connection between backpackers. From the backpackers on the trail who helped us with their leftover gas canisters to the new friends we're driving back to Sunrise with.

We help them secure a site at the busy White River Campground, before being dropped off at Sunrise at our car.

πŸ—Ί Figuring out what 's next

With 4 days left until our return flight, we're faced with the difficult task of figuring out what to do next. Another hike in the park? Or go somewhere else?

Casper is not up for another backpacking adventure. He's open to day hikes without a backpack though. Unfortunately, I'm not very keen on day hikes.

For a moment we're looking into leaving the park to go on a boat-hike-boat adventure on Lake Chelan. But the timing isn't right. It would have been a mad rush to make the boat, get a permit and make it back to Seattle in time for our return flight.

I'm ready to resign myself to day hikes in the park when Tatyanna works out a plan in the Ranger station that meets all our needs. She returns with a permit for a faster continuation of the Greater Northern Loop so that I can finish out the loop, while she and Casper will do day trips.

The plan is to return to Mowich Lake so that I can continue tomorrow. Casper and Tatyanna will accompany me until Spray Park. After saying goodbye, I'll continue on to Cataract Valley while they return to Mowich Lake Campground for a 2nd night.

The day after, I'll continue on to Fire Creek as Tatyanna and Casper do another day hike before driving back to Sunrise where they will hike into Sunrise Camp.

On the 3rd day, I'll hike from Fire Creek to Sunrise Camp where I'll meet up with them after their day hike up the Burroughs Mountain.

πŸš— Back to Mowich Lake once more

And so we drive the 2.5 hours between Mowich and White River once more. We stop in Enumclaw for provisions and greasy Chinese at the Four Seasons restaurant. Casper and Tatyanna now have enough to eat for the 2 days they will be without a stove while I hike with it.

We arrive well after dark and pitch our tent at the platform closest to tomorrow's trailhead.

New site at Mowich Lake Campground
New site at the Mowich Lake Campground.

Photo by Rich Martello / Unsplash